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Manifesto for sustainable Pact: Healthier and more sustainable homes


Healthier and more sustainable homes: the future in your hands

Polluting emissions, the consumption of energy and natural resources and the generation of waste are alarmingly increasing and the most worrying thing is that with the expected population growth until 2050, the forecasts are not good.

If the tendency does not change the construction sector alone will be the generator of all the assumable emissions, in order not to exceed the 2% expected for all sectors by IPPC

  • Manifesto for sustainable Pact: 5 objectives

    It is our responsibility to change this tendency and from Knauf we propose a commitment from all for the following 5 objectives.
  • 1. Measures to reduce emissions

    To establish tangible objectives, however small they may be, to reduce emissions and contribute as much as possible to the decarbonisation of our planet.
  • 2. Promote energy efficiency

    Improve and promote energy efficiency through implementing habits, materials and measures that contribute to energy saving cities.
    Reduce consumption while protecting environment through sustainable use of energy.

  • 3. Promote sustainable activities and initiatives

    Support activities and initiatives that promote the circular economy, from the conception to the closing value of a product: ecodesign, repair, reuse and recycling of waste.
    Take advantage of our capacities and resources to spread the benefits of sustainability to society and influence, to the extent of our possibilities, those responsible for making decisions at the local, national and global levels.
  • 4. People-centred well-being

    Taking people into account when responding to economic, environmental and social challenges. The planning of cities, the design of buildings, the planning of transport, the role of industry should not be done without a human approach.
    In this way of working for and towards people and in particular the construction sector, the concept of bio-habitability must be fundamental in the development of our growth strategies.
  • 5. Support platforms / Associations for sustainable development

    Cooperate with all those agents that have the capacity, resources and willingness to work for sustainable development. Discuss with them, develop strategies and help them take place.

The sustainability of all of us

We invite you to join us and subscribe to this Manifesto so that in a future it is not a Manifesto with 30 visions, but rather for it to be the manifesto for sustainability with the vision of all of us.

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